You Spoke – We Listened!

At the December 8, 2023, Holiday Gathering, members were asked to share  ideas on how the FAA could help broaden their experiences. Members sat at tables of their choosing, engaged in lively conversation, and came up with various ideas they would like to see the FAA offer. You Spoke – We Listened, and as a result, the FAA will implement some of these ideas, starting with the first four items.

1. Variations on a Theme. The first idea we will implement is “Variations on a Theme,” where an image is presented to the group and each artist interprets the same image in their own style. We shared the first image at our January demo – a photograph of an adorable white kitten posing on a tabletop. Members interested in participating were given a copy of the photo and asked to create a new rendition in their own style.

Members can share their interpretation of the kitten by posting it on the FAA Facebook Staying Connected. For those without Facebook, please send your image to You can get the kitten image from Facebook page or this webpage with directions on submitting your interpretation. The artwork garnering the most likes will win the FAA Staying Connected “cover” honor and be featured on our website.

FAA Staying Connected:
Facebook link to Staying Connected:

2. Members Share Night. Members can share a short Bio about themselves and a sample of their artwork at an upcoming Demo night. This will be an excellent way for us to become better acquainted. Look for a date and details coming soon!

3. Plein Air Painting and Drawing. This is a program we have offered in the past, and there were requests to organize more this year. Carol Quinn has graciously volunteered to organize some outings as the weather improves. Dates, details, and locations are coming soon.

4. Gallery Etiquette. Invite a Gallery Director to speak on gallery etiquette, how to present yourself, and more. As a result of this request, we have invited Cynthia Abraham, Gallery at 48 Natoma Curator, to speak at an upcoming meeting.

These are just some of the ideas that came out of the Holiday Gathering and there are more that we will be looking at offering as the year progresses. Thank you to everyone who offered their thoughts on ways we can better serve our members!

Lori, Sandy, Carol, Annie, and Diana