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Members on this list are in good standing through December 31, 2024 (no expired or delinquent membership).

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Member Medium Gallery/Website Current Membership Term Expires December 31 of:
Alaniz, Robert Jewelry, Photography, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Allen, Jo Ellla Watercolor, Paper Sculpturing Website: 2024
Anderson, Lori* Acrylics, Ceramics, Oil Website: 2024
Anderson, Robert Oil Website: 2024
Aragon, Pat Drawings, Oil, Pastels Website: 2024
Arizmendi, Cristina Ceramics Website: ArizmendiCeramics 2024
Armstrong, Allison Oil Website: 2024
Arrigotti, Judy Acrylics, Oil, Sculpture Website: 2024
Asher, Charlie Drawings, Oil Website: 2024
Atkins, Margie     2024
Auteri, Joyce Acrylics, Drawings, Glass, Mixed Media, Oil, Pastels, Photography Website: 2024
Ballenger, Susan Acrylics, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Baumann, Karen M. Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oil   2024
Beauchamp, David Pastels   2024
Beaven, Hong Acrylics, Watercolor, Oil on Porcelain Canvas   2024
Beesley, Chuck Oil   2024
Behney, Lisa Drawings, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Bergeron, Jacqueline Acrylics, Oil   2025
Bernardo, Lori Oil, Photography, Sculpture   2024
Bhatt, Vyomini Acrylics, Mixed Media Website: 2024
Blackwell, Linda Acrylics, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Blossom, Joanne     2024
Boyce, Shawna Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Bringman, Jeannine Acrylics, Oil Website: 2024
Brinitzer, Jenny Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Art Enthusiast   2024
Broddrick, Mary Ann & Fred Mary Ann: Pastels, Porcelain – Fred: Art Enthusiast   2024
Bronny, Mike Acrylics, Drawings, Oil, Pastels, Photography, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Buchberger, Dawn & Nick Dawn: Oil
Nick: Oil
Caldera-Batkins, Jennife Acrylics, Jewelry, Mixed Media Website: 2024
Cameto, Paula
Finkler, Jon
Paula: Drawings, Oil, Pastels, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast
Jon: Photography, Art Enthusiast
Carroll, Jackie Acrylics, Drawings, Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast Website: 2024
Carroll, Kate Acrylics, Drawings, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Casterton, Jan Watercolor   2024
Chang, Yen-Ching Acrylics, Drawings, Oil Pastels, Watercolor Website: 2024
Chapman, Sue Acrylics, Mixed Media Website: 2024
Chase, Marla Jewelry, Photography   2024
Cogan, Karen Oil Website: 2024
Corlew, Michael & Johnnie Lou Michael: Photographer, Johnnie Lou: Watercolor   2024
Crouse, Edward & Chasse-Crouse, Liz Ed: Drawings, Oil, Watercolor
Liz: Photography
Website: 2024
Cullen, Sally Photography Website: Sally Cullen Flickr
Instagram: @4sallyc
Davies, Barbara Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oil Website: 2024
Deshpande, Rasika & Hritika Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Oil, Photography, Art Enthusiast, Digital   2024
Du Bois, Jana Oil, Art Enthusiast   2024
Dunstan, Virginia Watercolor   2024
Edwards, Lynne Photography, Watercolor Website: 2024
Egerton, Angela & Bob Acrylics, Watercolor   2024
Ellertson, Kathleen Acrylics, Mixed Media, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast Website: 2024
Fischer, Kelli Acrylics, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Watercolor   2024
Fletcher, Hal Architecture, Ceramics   2024
Flynn, Michael Acrylics   2024
Foote, Vicki Acrylics   2024
French, Sheryl Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Fuchs, Joyce* Art Enthusiast   2024
Garrett, Nancy Oil, Watercolor   2024
Gentry, Mark Acrylics   2025
Gibson, Hilary Oil   2024
Giwoff, Rachel Ceramics, Oil   2024
Gohler, Bonita Acrylics, Mixed Media, Watercolor Instagram: @bonitagohler 2024
Gonzales, Marie Pastels Website: 2025
Gordon, Linda     2024
Gorin, Doris Oil, Watercolor Website: 2024
Gray, Terrie Photography Website: 2025
Hall, Ron Acrylics, Mixed Media   2024
Hardie, Conni Acrylics, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Pastels, Photography, Sculpture, Watercolor Website: 2024
Harrigan, Michiyo Fiber, Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Harse, Kay Art Enthusiast   2024
Hart, Aleris Jewelry   2024
Hayes, Cynthia Acrylics, Ceramics, Drawings Pastels   2024
Heal, Mary Jane Acrylics   2024
Hedges, Chris Oil Website: 2024
Henkel, Jackie Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Hester, John Acrylics, Photography, Watercolor   2024
Hilton, Sandy* Ceramics Website: 2024
Hoeger, Sheri Acrylics, Oil, Watercolor Website: 2024
Hoffman, Leslie Acrylics Website: 2024
Hofmaster, Pat Watercolor   2024
Holler, Steve Acrylics, Drawings Website: 2025
Hogg, Susan Oil, Watercolor   2024
Honerlah, Randy Acrylics Website: 2024
Hutto, Ann Marie Acrylics, Drawings, Art Enthusiast, Pencil   2024
Jassowski, Marilyn Ceramics, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Jennings, Judy Acrylics, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Johnson, Emma Acrylics, Oil   2024
Johnston, Myrna     2024
Jones, Susan Watercolor   2024
Kalbach, David Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel & Graphite Website: 2024
Keys, Karen Pastels, Watercolor Website: KarenKeysArt 2024
Khan, Afrin Acrylics, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Kirby, Marie Acrylics, Fiber, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Kobashigawa, Mary Therese Acrylics, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Kramer, Joyce Watercolor   2024
Krueger, Kaaren Mixed Media   2024
Kurtz, Robert Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Lachapelle, Philip Acrylics, Oil, Pen & Ink Website: 2024
Laila, Nahar Ceramics, Photography Website: 2024
Larson, Judy Acrylics   2024
Latimer, Diana* Acrylics Gallery: Diana Latimer 2024
Lauth, Tracy Oil, Watercolor   2024
Lawrie, Dana Acrylics, Fiber, Photography, Art Enthusiast   2024
Levenson, Kathy Oil, Pastels Website: 2024
Lew Loose, Judy Watercolor Website: 2024
Lewis, Carolyn Mixed Media, Oil, Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Liljegren, January Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Lima, Joe Watercolor   2024
Litwin, Gerry     2024
Lloren, Rick Drawings, Oil   2024
Mahar, Ken Photography Website: 2024
Mallo, Tina Ceramics, Drawings, Glass, Oil, Pastels, Photography, Sculpture, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast Facebook: 2024
Mani, Niranjana Mixed Media, Watercolor Website: 2024
Marchol, K. Dianne Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Martin, Joyce Oil   2024
McCord, Lisa Ceramics   2024
McKinnon, Gene Mixed Media, Photography, Wood   2024
McLean, Laura Jewelry   2024
Meyer-Johanson, Janeen Oil   2024
Midboe, Tim Acrylics, Drawings, Oil   2024
Mishra, Jaya Ceramics Website: 2024
Moffatt, Roy & Garcia, Juan Carlos Roy: Watercolor – Juan Carlos: Drawings, Mixed Media, Pastels Website: 2024
Moore, Phawnda
Greenwood, Ronald
Phawnda: Calligraphy
Ronald: Art Enthusiast
Instagram: @phawnda.moore 2024
Nelson, Ellen Acrylics, Oil, Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Nilsson, Barbara Encaustic, Cold Wax, Mixed Media   2024
Noble, Kathleen Drawings, Mixed Media, Watercolor Website: 2024
O’Connell, Annie* Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oil Website: 2024
Ohlinger, Christine Drawings, Watercolor   2024
Otey, Barbara Watercolor   Honorary Member
Pasqua, Michael & Evelyn Michael: Photography, Digital Art
Evelyn: Jewelry, Photography, Digital Art
Website: 2024
Payan, Michael Oil, Pastels, Art Enthusiast   2024
Perrin, Karen Pastels   2024
Petrali, Peggy Watercolor Website: 2024
Petersen, Tina Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oil Website: 2024
Plath, Deborah Oil, Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Quinn, Carol* Oil Website: 2024
Radcliffe, Jean Acrylics   2024
Rau-Wren, Carol Acrylics   2024
Reed, Heather Acrylics   2024
Regan, Janet Glass, Gourds Website: 2024
Robb, Jeanine Mixed Media, Watercolor, Printmaking   2024
Roberts, Molly Brown Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Oil, Pastels, Watercolor, Wood Facebook: 2024
Robyn, Sherry Photography, Art Enthusiast   2024
Rose, Deb Acrylics, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Rothgeb, Lucia Acrylics, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Russell, Mary Drawings, Pastels, Watercolor Website: 2024
Ryan, Michael Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Wood   2024
Ryder, Isabella Acrylics. Fiber, Mixed Media, Oil   2024
Saborio, Georgina Glass, Mixed Media, Oil, Sculpture, Watercolor Website: 2024
Sands, Sherry & Mazurek, John Sherry: Oil, Photography
John: Photography
Schachner, Annette Jewelry Website: 2024
Schaefer, Sylvia & Miller, Kirk Sylvia: Oil
Kirk: Oil
Schaff, John Leather Website: 2024
Schoen, Tony Acrylics, Mixed Media   2024
Sena Garcia, Rosanna
Garcia, George
Acrylics, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Sexton, Joan Encaustic, Pastels, Watercolor   Honorary Member
Sinclair Medina, Sydney Oil   2024
Sirbello, Tracey Drawings, Pastels, Photography, Scratchboard   2024
Smith, Sandra     2024
Smoot, Linda     2024
Soltani, Fatima     2024
Songco, Leo Acrylics, Drawings, Watercolor Website: 2024
Sowa – Dobkowski, Fab Mixed Media, Photography Website: 2024
Soza, Katherine     2024
Springer, Christine Oil   2024
Steinbach-Garcia, Teresa Pastels, Watercolor Website: 2024
Stiles, Jean Oil, Pastels, Watercolor   2024
Stroud, Marty Acrylics   2024
Stubenvoll, Nan Fiber, Mixed Media, Art Enthusiast   2025
Sutton, Donna Oil, Photography   2024
Tucker, Elena Glass, Jewwlry Website: 2024
Turoff, Roma Oil Website: 2024
Waddell, Sharon Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Wade, Lisa Acrylics, Fiber, Mixed Media, Watercolor   2024
Wadhaw, Akansha Acrylics, Drawings, Pastels   2024
Wallace, Brian
Jessica, Cole, Claire
Drawings, Watercolor, Digital Website: 2024
Wang-Steele, Mary Acrylics, Watercolor Website: 2024
Ward, Rose Mary Acrylics, Ceramics, Sculpture, Art Enthusiast   2024
Wells, Junko Oil   2024
Wesley, Rose Pastels, Photography, Collage   2024
White, Erica Acrylics, Drawings, Glass, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast   2024
Wilhelm, Betty Acrylics, Drawings, Mixed Media, Oil, Watercolor   2024
Williams, Jenny Oil   2024
Wilson, Joann Watercolor   2024
Wilson, Melanie Acrylics   2024
Wilson, Sandra Acrylics, Oil, Pastels, Gourds using pyrography, carving, inks   2024
Woodward, Pat Oil, Watercolor Website: 2024
Yesley, Irene Acrylics, Mixed Media Website: 2025
Young, Jacilyn Acrylics, Watercolor, Art Enthusiast, Alcohol Ink   2024
Zang, Sandie Acrylics, Mixed Media, Oil Website: 2024

* 2024 FAA Officers – Lori Anderson/President, Sandy Hilton/Vice President and City of Folsom Liaison, Carol Quinn/Secretary, Diana Latimer/Treasurer, Annie O’Connell/Membership, Joyce Fuchs/Website and Newsletters.

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