Variation of a Theme – Seal Challenge

Variation of a Theme - Seal Challenge

Congratulations, Jeannine Bringman, for receiving the most votes for the Variation of a Theme – August “Seal” Challenge!

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Variation of a Theme – August Challenge by Tim Midboe – Seal

After our last Variation of a Theme challenge, we ask our members for ideas for the next challenge. We are excited to announce that the image for the August challenge is from Tim Midboe. We can wait for your interpretation of this seal in any medium and style you prefer.

Variations on a Theme: An image is presented to the group and each artist paints it based on their interpretation and style. We will share the artwork at the August 10 artist demonstration.

Copies of the seal were distributed at the July “Show and Tell” social. Download the image from here or via the Staying Connect Facebook page.

Once your artwork is done, share your artwork on the FAA Facebook Staying Connected page. For those without Facebook, please send your image to The artwork garnering the most likes will win the FAA Staying Connected “cover” honor and be featured on our website.

All artwork is due August 9!

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Facebook link to Staying Connected:

Please bring your artwork to the August 10 artist demonstration to share with the group.

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