May 2024 Art Challenge – Henri Matisse

Art Challenge - Henri Matisse Challenge
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May Art Challenge – Henri Matisse

We are excited to announce May’s art challenge: the art of Henri Matisse. Members are challenged to interpret or replicate* a Matisse work of art, or to emulate his style in a work of your own.

Matisse was born in 1869 and died in 1954. “His mastery of the expressive language of colour and drawing, displayed in a body of work spanning over a half-century, won him recognition as a leading figure in modern art.”

*Members are reminded that Matisse’s work is still subject to copyright protection.

Once your artwork is done, share your artwork on the FAA Facebook Staying Connected page. For those without Facebook, please send your image to The artwork garnering the most likes will win the FAA Staying Connected “cover” honor and be featured on our website. All artwork images are due May 7!

We will share the artwork at the May 9 artist demonstration.

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Please bring your artwork to the May 9 artist demonstration to share with the group.