June 2022 – Judy Arrigotti

Folsom Arts Association Artist Demonstration

Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom

Judy Arrigotti – Think Out of the Box

Artwork by Judy Arrigotti - FAA June Artist Demo 2022

Join us Thursday, June 9, for Judy Arrigotti’s artist demonstration.

Judy will be sharing her knowledge of the traits, strategies and behaviors that contribute to creative people. We’ll be exploring fluency, flexibility, originality and creative behaviors to expand the participants creativity in their artistic pursuits.

Judy be teaching everyone how they can use activities to help them ”think out of the box” and learn to expand their thinking!

Artist: Judy Arrigotti
Paintings and Gourd Sculptures
Education & Training

Graduated from the University of San Francisco with a double major in art and education and received my teaching credential from CSUS to fulfill my life-long goal to be an artist and a teacher. My teaching career started as a rotating art teacher to gifted students in
San Juan Unified School District. I taught art to K-8 gifted students during the day, in the adult education program at night and to campers at art camp for 14 summers.

Gifted Program

I created the ALPS (Advanced Learning Packages) program and was hired as Assistant to the Director of Gifted Education. It was my job to study gifted children; why and how they learn and how they differ from the average students. I studied and taught the traits and learning styles of gifted students, their teachers and parents, so they could be more affective teachers to all the children.

Birth Order, Learning Styles & Creativity Workshops

I traveled to the K-8 schools in San Juan School District to present workshops on what I learned. As word spread, I traveled to other school districts in Sacramento , San Francisco and Los Angeles. The information I was sharing was exciting to me and all the administrators, teachers and parents who attended my workshops.

Traditional Classrooms & Gifted Children

Gifted Children often enter school ahead of the other children because their parents teach them at home. The gifted children usually enter school loving learning and are ready to excel.

Teachers have large classes and are pressed to have all of them reach ”grade level”, so the teacher spends most of their time and energy to bring below average and average students up to grade level. It’s challenging to equally focus on the needs of all their students. When gifted students aren’t challenged they are board and may act out, to gain the teacher’s attention.

Some gifted students learn to ”read” the teachers and adjust their behavior to match their classmates. They figure out what the teachers want and respond accordingly (sometimes ”dumbing down” their answers). As they move through the grades, they don’t want to be different or singled out. They want to fit in.

Gifted education strategies & techniques for all!

My experiences training and teaching gifted education inspired me to apply my skills in a traditional classroom. ”The same strategies and techniques I used with gifted students would mean a love of learning and success with all students (children and adults)”. In 1980 I left the Gifted program for a classroom teaching position where I successfully taught ”regular” students in an Open Structure School until 2000, when I retired to be a full time artist.

Success in all learning for all ages by Integrating Creativity (Fluency, Flexibility & Originality)!

Creativity serves me well in my art. It gives me my voice and style in my art pieces.

Since my retirement, I focused my new career as an artist on creating original oil paintings and original gourd sculptures. I teach drawing and painting, in my home studio. My paintings and gourd sculptures were featured in galleries in Pacific Grove, Half Moon Bay, Tahoe, Placerville, Fair Oaks and Folsom. I’ve participated in the El Dorado Hills Art Studio Tour for twenty years. It pleases me that my art is displayed in the homes of so many patrons and collector’s who have purchased it; locally and nationally, over the years.

My gourd sculptures are featured in the ”Complete Book of Gourd Carving”. I’m the cover artist on SureWest Telephone Directories from 2008 through 2021.

Join us and meet Judy on Thursday, June 9
Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom

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