August 2022 – Traci Owens

Folsom Arts Association Artist Demonstration

Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom

Traci Owens

Spanish Angel #2 by Traci Owens - Folsom Arts Artist Demo

Traci Owens, Mixed Media Madame, Director/Curator of GGA, International Award-Winning Published Artist … need we say more?

Join us Thursday, August 11, for Traci Owens artist demonstration. Traci will demonstrate her creation of raw canvas prayer style flags.

For an artist to grow they must be forever courageous, even willing to fail at their attempts. Only then are they pushing themselves outside the comforts of habit to discover the unexpected. Traci wants her work to make an instant statement. She is intrigued by shapes pushed against one another, demanding the spotlight yet playing together as one.

To achieve this harmony of visual flow Traci designs her own paper patterns which allow her to take shapes one step further by stenciling, layering, texturing, and using washes of color to bring harmony where chaos lives. Each painting is an individual story. Words have amazing movement … all emotions that arise during the process, along with the emotional movement of each word are documented.

Art is personal to the creator which makes it easy to keep her thoughts intuitive as each story unfolds.

They ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”… Traci replies, “No map, only adventures, covered in paint, unspoken as to not miss an avenue I may not have taken if ALL were planned out…”

Traci Owens – Artist Demonstration – Thursday, August 11
Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom

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