In 2019, we were lucky enough to host 3 workshops. And, what a variety we had:

Sketching and watercolor workshop with Kath Macauley. Three days of sketching helped improve drawing skills, focusing on quite a few quick poses and then some longer poses. The last day ended with another element of fun as the artists went down to Sutter Street to sketch, followed by a nice lunch.

Phyllis Rapp’s 3-day workshop was a combination of collage and painting. It started with drawing, added collage, and continued with working with old photos that were copied, painted, and decorated with various elements. Phyllis brought a wide variety of items for everyone to work with. Her great sense of humor made for a very informative workshop.

Craig Stephens led a 3-day still life workshop. His experience as an art teacher was evident as he explained and demonstrated his techniques; yet he was gracious in acknowledging other styles and approaches toward similar ends. Everyone left the workshop feeling truly inspired and anxious to get back to their easels to further experiment with Craig’s teachings.

The FAA is working on 2 workshops for 2020:

Oil with Philippe Gandiol (tentatively scheduled for June 27 and 28).
Watercolor with Dale Laitinen (dates to be announced).

Stay tuned…there could be more!

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Telephone: 916-708-8442