Welcome New Members 2021

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS 2021 – Folsom Arts Association has added a New Members feature to its website. Upon joining FAA, new members are encouraged to provide a short self-introduction and one or two examples of any work they would like to share with our members and other website visitors. We encourage new member to include a photo of themselves to help put a face to a name and further enhance the camaraderie of our group.

Sandy Feder

Sandy Feder - ArtistI grew up in the San Fernando Valley and spent lots of time at the beach with my extended family. My Grandfather and mother were artists / craftspeople and I made all kinds of arts and crafts growing up. As a college student at UC Davis, I took an art glass class and fell in love with glass. I finished my BS in math at Davis and my MS in computer science at University of Nevada, Reno and then worked at Aerojet for many years. Later, I began teaching computer science at community college where I taught for 25 years.

Sandy Feder - ArtistI am now retired, living in Fair Oaks and enjoying my grandchildren, ballroom dancing, square dancing, traveling and making art glass.

Sandy Feder – sandyfeder.us

Pattie Bowler

Award Winning Artist

Pattie began painting shortly before retiring from United Airlines as a flight attendant.  A passion for color and shapes in her abstracts, she defines the intuitive process with multi layers of color. When beginning a painting, the end result rarely resembles the initial start of the piece. Working primarily in acrylics and constantly experimenting with the process pushing the envelope for changes in results.

Husband, Bill, and Pattie met again at their 30th class reunion 26 plus years, ago. They continue traveling gathering experience and images for her work as an artist. She is a Signature Artist with Southwestern Watercolor Society, Colorado Watercolor Society and Pikes Peak Watercolor Society. Volunteering her time in these groups is an important part of her growth as an artist, stating “having her art buddies” has brought inspiration and a positive energy. She also has been featured in The Southwest Art Magazine in the past and will be featured again in the January 2022 issue. Pattie’s work has been shown in galleries, in Dallas and McKinney Texas, Fallbrook, and Encinitas, CA and Colorado Springs, CO.

Pattie recently relocated to Roseville from Colorado Springs to be closer to her family and is looking forward to being involved with the local art community.


Barbara Davies

Sunlit Patio, Luca Italy by Barbara DaviesI moved to Sacramento recently from Alamo/Danville, where I taught art classes and sold my work at my downtown Danville studio. I love to travel and paint and feel fortunate that I’ve been able to combine both.

I work primarily in oil, in a realistic style. I paint mainly city and village scenes, California landscapes, and still life. I love to teach and I’m looking forward to teaching again in the Sacramento area.

BDaviesArt.com Barbara Davies - Folsom Arts Association

Janice Johnson

Artist Janice Johnson - Folsom Arts AssociationHello! I am Janice Johnson and my art brand is Abstract Tranquility. I am a high school teacher by trade, but I started painting on March 14, 2020, when we were sent home indefinitely due to the pandemic. I knew I would be a hot mess with so much going on, so I decided to throw myself into learning something new to maintain my mental health.  Since them, I have settled into watercolors paper-cutting artwork, and LOVE it. I’ve also picked up digital art and have started producing pet portraits as a side gig–something I really enjoy.

I’ve never had formal training (though I would LOVE to get a private teacher to push my skill level to new heights), but I love the joy it brings and can’t imagine a day going by when I don’t create something. I’m hoping to make some good friends who share a love for art and eventually show my work in an art show.

Niranjana Mani

Watercolor by Nira Mani - Welcome FAA New Member!Happy to have found this group! I’m a watercolor artist, I painted my first watercolor in 2019 and after a long hiatus, got started with a regular watercolor practice in 2020. In fact, watercolor is the silver lining to the very dark cloud that was the year 2020. 🙈

I’ve recently started making my own handmade watercolors. I share my work on Instagram regularly on @_nira_m.

Cheers, Nira

Aditi Saksena

Aditi Saksena - Welcome FAA New Member

Brian Wallace

I Love You, California by Brian WallaceI live in Folsom, California and work from my home studio. A majority of the work I do is digital illustration, however, I have done a lot of watercolor over the last year.

I’m inspired by nature, landscapes and travel.  Many of my digital prints started as 4×6 postcards that were hand-drawn and colored using a basic set of watercolors. The “I Love You, California” series was inspired by my travels throughout northern California and my love of the outdoors.

Artist Brian Wallace - Welcome FAA New MemberBrianWallaceArt.com

Karen Cogan

Artwork by Karen CoganMy style is impressionism and expressionism.  My media is mostly oil.  I try to capture memories of places I’ve visited as well as places I dream of visiting.  I love creating works paintings for others to keep their special dreams and memories alive as well.  I paint cityscapes, landscapes, still life, and portraits.  I realize the profound change painting has had in my life.  My work can be seen at some of the following

Venues: Palazzo Senatorio, MaPiazza del Campdoglio, Rome * Residenza Antica Hotel, Rome * Café Della Pace, Rome * Al Mori Orient Hotel, Venice * Al Buso Ristorante, Venice * La Forcola Hotel, Venice * Antica Martini – Vino Vino, Venice * La Fenice Taverno, Venice * Terrazza Ristorante, Hotel Danieli, Venice Italy * Il Fiocco American Bar, Santa Margherita, Italy * Galleria Ristorante, Milano * Hotel Splendido Belmond, Portofino * Hotel Rivoli, Florence Italy * Blue Post Tavern, London * Punch & Judy’s Tavern, London

Exhibits: Kvie Art Auction  “Sacramento Waterfront”  (2021) * Sac Fine Arts “Celebrating the Figure” (2021) * Kvie Television Auction “Rainy Day Monterey” (2020) * Kvie Television Auction “Morning Walk in Napa” 2018) * Perry Creek Tasting Roonm, Old Sugar Mill Sacramento “Europe Collection” (2018-2020) * Sac Fine Arts “Piazza Navona” (2018) * Sac Fine Arts “Venice Rialto Fish Market” (2019) * BlueLine Arts, “Laundry Day in Venice” (2018) * Hotel Monaco, Venice “Monaco Terrace” (2014) * Green Trees Gallery, Sacramento, California (Collection-2013) * Brick Gallery, Solo Exhibition Collection, Marysville California (2012)

Artist Karen Cogan - Folsom Arts AssociationVisit me on Pinterest (pinterest.com/cogankaren)

Robert Anderson

Joshua Bell by Robert AndersonI grew up in Nebraska and wanted to “do art” from when I was young. I learn to paint in acrylics in high school art classes and began college as an art major at University of Nebraska. That changed to a career in broadcasting when I changed majors in my junior year. My career in broadcasting spanned over 4 decades in creative production positions to general management.

When I began to retire 4 years ago I took up painting again, this time in oils. I am a much more patient painter than was when I was young, and have better eye, developed in TV studios working on lighting and understanding the importance of shadows. So I am enjoying what I am doing while exploring various subject matters and trying to develop style. Maybe one day I will find a good niche! Visit my website to see more of my artwork: robertnandersonart.com.

Artist Karen Cogan - Welcome FAA New MemberLooking forward to getting more involved this year.

Bob Anderson
Red Willow Films
Red Willow Studios

Tom Sorensen

Artwork by Tom SorensonI retired as a respiratory therapist who has been painting landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife for 10 years. I learned under the teachings of the renowned Bill Parsons at the Parsons Gallery in Benicia. My passion for painting has come from my love of nature, and I strive for realism in my works.

Some artists who inspire me are Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, and Thomas Hill. I have won several awards for my artwork, including the “BOLD Award at the Bold Expressions competition (Northern California Arts, inc.), and a 2nd place at the American Canyon art show and competition, and an “Award of Merit” at the 2019 California State Fair.

View more of artwork at: sorensenfineart.com.
I can be reached at: refixer@att.net.

Joanna Jackson

Artwork Joanna Jackson

Greg Treseder

Spaceship In A Bottle by Greg TresederI’m a Folsom-based Maker and Artist. I create interactive, functional art using a variety of electronics, lighting, motion, and sound. I use a variety of materials and use 3D printing, laser cutting, metal work, and electronics for my creations.

My most recent work – a Spaceship In A Bottle – the spaceship in this bottle is crafted of metal, acrylic, rubber, and electronics. It features a solitary astronaut, viewing a vintage CRT (cathode-ray-tube) display that cycles through several different space-themed videos. The astronaut is on a hopeful journey home, but the ship is running low on supplies, and the engines at the rear flicker like a candle as the craft’s fuel dwindles.

I teach a course at the Curious Forge in Grass Valley titled “Electronics for Artists”, and teach Mechatronics at Sierra College. Visit my website for more information about my work and courses: Fabforgefive.com.

Kimberly Foss

Diamond Dogs by Kimberly FossI’m a new member, Folsom resident and long time employee of local Sutter Street small business. I found your organization thanks to the Historic Folsom Art Hop event!

I’m interested in showcasing work with your organization. I know many events are on hold due to COVID but I would still love to get involved.

I’ve showcased work with the Crocker Art Museum for their Big Name Small Art event in 2020 and have also shown work with the Rocklin Fine Arts Association.

My full line of work is available for view on my website at kimberlycarissaart.com.

Jacilyn Young

Sunflower (Pastel) by Jaci YoungMy name is Jaci. I’ve lived across the bridge in Orangevale for 45 years. I hail from a long line of artists from every branch of my family tree. Although I love crafting, I began taking fine art serious when I retired 5 years ago from educational administration. Not having had any art training, I enjoy combining my crafting skill together with fine arts, through mixed media. I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from the artists in FAA.

During isolation, I made a series of sunflowers in nine different mediums. Here are a few in pastel, alcohol ink and watercolor.

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