Members Show January 2020

FAA Members Show – “California Highlights”

January 16 to March 5, 2020

Community Gallery at 48 Natoma

Congratulations to all participants and award winners!

Judged by David Peterson.
Congratulations to the award winners!

Best of Show – Jenny Briggs, “Curious Grizzly”
1st Place – Roy Moffatt, “Willow Creek”
2nd Place – Deborah Plath, “Sailor Bar Sunset”
3rd Place – Sandy Hilton, “California Coastal Impressions”

Honorable Mention –  Lori Anderson, “Reflections”
Honorable Mention – Kenneth Mahar, “California Street”
Honorable Mention – Lori Bernardo, “Untitled”
Honorable Mention – Gene McKinnon, “War Horse”
Honorable Mention – Barbara Nilsson, “Yosemite”
Honorable Mention – Leo Songco, “California Gem”

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Participating Artists
Lori Anderson
Allison Armstrong
Lori Bernardo
Jenny Briggs
Jennifer Brinitzer
Mary Ann Broddrick
Dawn Buchberger
Jackie Carroll
Linda Heath Clark
Michael F Corlew
Jeannie Courter
Jerry Courter
Oranne Eichorn
Vicki Foote

Sandy Hilton
Sheri Hoeger
Susan Hogg
Randy Honerlah
Karen Keys
Diana Latimer
Kathleen Levenson
Kenneth Mahar
Edward Mallory
Joyce Martin
Gene McKinnon
Roy Moffatt
Barbara Nilsson
Kathleen Noble

Annie O’Connell
Deborah Plath
Carol Quinn
Jeanine Robb
Molly Brown Roberts
Lori Robinson
Mary Rucker
Mary H Russell
Leo Songco
Margarita T Rivera
Roma Turoff
Joann Wilson
Carol Wittich

For questions, contact Lori Anderson
Telephone: 916-708-8442