February 2019 – Craig Stephens

Folsom Arts Association Artist Demonstration

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM

The Gallery at 48 Natoma in Folsom

Craig Stephens – Oil

Join us on Tuesday, February 19, for Craig Stephens “Oil” demo.

One of the most fascinating moments for Craig when viewing a painting is the instant the abstract brushstrokes and blobs of pigment coalesce become the thing that they were designed to depict. It is truly magical when the eye and brain take over and the combination of autonomous brush marks all come together to produce the illusion of mass and volume and light.

Over the past few years, Craig’s paintings have reflected his efforts to prolong this moment. By dragging bits of background into his subject and bits of his subject into the background, Craig is trying to draw attention to the painted surface while, at the same time, maintaining the illusion of the thing depicted.

Craig’s subjects are humble objects found at grocery stores and farmer’s markets. He looks for easily recognizable, iconic subjects that resonate with his life experience. Most often, he choose’s a point of view that most clearly depicts the essence of my subjects.

Craig was born in Sacramento California in 1963. He grew up in the foothill Town of Weimar. He attended American River College and later transferred to UC Davis. He received his B.A. in art studio from UC Davis in 1993. During his time in college he had the privilege of taking classes from Gary Pruner, Roy DeForest, David Hollowell and Wayne Thiebaud. In 1996, Craig began teaching high school art classes at Chana High School in Auburn California. He has said that, “The practice of completing a painting a day suits my disposition and aesthetic. I have also found that modeling this sort of daily practice for my students is important.

Craig resides in Auburn California with his wonderful wife and amazing children. His works can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

Craig Stephens – Oil
Join us and meet Craig on Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Website: etsy.com/shop/CraigStephensArt

The Gallery at 48 Natoma has other classes scheduled on Tuesday evenings. We kindly ask that you park in the back of the building for the demos.
The back door will be open for you to come and go.

Thank you!

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