Awards – FFPC 2019

13th Annual Folsom Focus Photography Contest
September 6 to November 1, 2019
Sponsored by the Folsom Arts Association
at the Gallery at 48 Natoma

The FAA sponsored the 13th Annual Folsom Focus Photography Contest in the Community Gallery at 48 Natoma. The contest encouraged amateur photographers to challenge their skills by taking photos that capture life in Folsom from their own unique perspective.

90 entries were accepted spanning two age categories (Youth 15 & Under and Adult 16 & Over) and 4 themes (Folsom Outdoors, Folsom Wildlife, Urban Folsom, Macro Photography). 200 attended the opening reception to celebrate as the recipients received their awards. Congratulations to all participants!

Thank you to FAA members Lynne Edwards and Ken Mahar for judging the entrants. It was great to see the reactions of the entrants upon seeing their photos on display in the gallery. For many, especially the kids, it was the first time they had this opportunity and will hopefully encourage them to pursue their interest in photography!

15 & Under

Folsom Outdoors
Megan Westlake – Buddy Tries to Fly – 1st Place
Grace Westlake – The Toes on the Kayak – 2nd Place
Sarah Garcia – Negro Bar in the Fall – 3rd Place

Folsom Wildlife
Lilly Ganly – Dazzling Dragonfly – 1st Place

Macro Photography
Sarah Garcia – Dragonfly – 1st Place
Lilly Ganly – Cuddly Cactus – 2nd Place
Avery Dean – Hide N’ Seed – 3rd Place

Urban Folsom
Deniz Gencer – Street Piano – 1st Place
Ben Ganly – The Road With No Cars – 2nd Place
Deniz Gencer – Looking In – 3rd Place

16 & Over

Folsom Outdoors
David Telfer – Folsom Lake – 1st Place
Sonia Switters – The First Step – 2nd Place
Greg Jung – Spring Sunset at Folsom Lake – 3rd Place

Folsom Wildlife
Donna Ruiz – Angel Wings -1st Place and Best of Show
Michael Ekern – Folsom Wild Turkey – 2nd Place
Donna Ruiz – Charming the Ladies – 3rd Place

Macro Photography
Vincent Brashear – Gi’me a High Spine! – 1st Place
Rona Knapp – Dahlia – 2nd Place
Lian Tang – Yummy Flowers – 3rd Place

Urban Folsom
Rona Knapp – War Horse – 1st Place
Vincent Brashear – Morning Reflections – 2nd Place
Stephen Porten – Visiting the Folsom Historic Powerhouse – 3rd Place